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Bemis specializes in tree transplanting. We are the only operating tree farm in the state of Arkansas capable of transplanting up to a 7" caliper tree with our 90'' Big John Tree Transplanter. Bemis also has three other skid-loader-mounted tree spades for the smaller trees. We can take care of your tree transplanting needs- whether it's a tree with sentimental value that needs to be moved, or one you've hand picked at our tree farm and need moved into your yard.

Size Standard Pricing
2-Caliper Inch $260
3-Caliper Inch $390
4-Caliper Inch $520
5-Caliper Inch $700
6-Caliper Inch $840
7-Caliper Inch $980
Sizes and quantities are limited. Prices may vary. Price listed are the tree planted and guaranteed for one calendar year in central Arkansas.