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Transforming your yard into a beautiful outdoor oasis has never been easier.

The tree farm was first planted in 1978 by the previous owner. The tree farm was planted with the intent of transplanting large shade trees. Tracey Bemis began working for the previous owner in 1984.

Tracey and Donna Bemis bought the tree farm and established Bemis Tree Farm in 1992. The farm included 80 acres of land along with a 90″ Big John Tree Transplanter mounted on a 1985 Mack Truck. Bemis primarily dealt with large shade trees. The business has since grown to include smaller trees and shrubs with the help of their two sons, Nathan and Jeremy.

Since 1992, the Bemis family has expanded their business into other areas. In 2012, Bemis Stump Busters was created offering professional stump removal. The following year, Bemis Honey Bee Farm was created providing honey bees, beekeeping supplies, and educational classes. We have now expanded to 185 acres and working on our third generation of farmers.

Best tree farm in Arkansas. The only thing better than the quality is the unmatched service!

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