bemis tree farm pricing chart




3 Gallon $25 $20
15 Gallon $150 $125
30 Gallon $225 $175
2-Caliper Inch $260 $200
3-Caliper Inch $390 $275
4-Caliper Inch $520 $520
Tree Spade 5-7 Inch $980 $980


Additional Information

  • Caliper Inch = Diameter measurement of tree trunk. 4 inch trees or less are measured 6 inches off ground. Trees 4 inches and more are measured 12 inches off ground.
  • Bemis will plant these trees with our tree transplanting equipment. Our prices are quoted with the provision that we can dig holes with our tree transplanting equipment. Stump removal is an additional charge.
  • All tree varieties are not available in all sizes
  • Planted trees are guaranteed for one year with the provision that the trees have been given adequate water and care. Bemis provides one replacement tree.
  • Unplanted trees have no warranty.
  • Prices and warranty are subject to change without notice. Ornamental and special order trees can be a different price. Fruit trees are contained differently and priced differently.
  • Difficult/no access jobs can be a higher price and tree warranty will not apply.

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